Cars - All 44 of them!




Well, what can I say. I have had 44 cars and had everything from Mini to Porsche. Cars are one of my biggest interests and take up a lot of my time.

To the right, I have listed all my cars. On some of the cars, you will be able to click on the picture for either a larger picture, or more info. Generally, these are cars that I have been more interested in! Have a scroll through the list and have a laugh at some of them if you like - some are quite embarrassing now!

These days, I tend to be into BMWs. I find them very comfortable, yet still have the ability to perform well. More recently, I have tended to sway towards the diesel BMWs. Their 3.0 litre diesel unit is a fantastic engine, with loads of power and torque, whilst still returning well above 30mpg. The 530d I currently drive has around 260bhp and 400 lb ft torque which is massive power for a diesel engine and I still get 35mpg even though I drive it rather hard, although of course I never go above the speed limit Mr. Officer.

Best car? A difficult question to answer. I think I would have to say that my current 530d M-Sport (F10 model) is my favourite so far as a good all-rounder.  It's very comfortable and refined, providing a relaxing drive, however setting the car in sport mode transforms it into a car that drives and handles really well - especially for such a large car.   Other favorites include my last M3 (the grey one) - best for a combination of looks and sheer power. I think putting these all together, my ideal car would be a 640d Coupe or Gran Coupe or perhaps an M550d, which I'm sure will be on the list at some point!